Innovation, safety, and commitment are three fundamental pillars for the growth and success of any company. An organization that has demonstrated consistent excellence in these areas is TCI Gecomp, which has recently been recognized for its work at the CEME1 solar power plant in Antofagasta, Chile.

On May 25, at an event that brought together more than a thousand workers from different companies, Generadora Metropolitana, the owner of the CEME1 plant, paid tribute to TCI Gecomp for its commitment to safety at the workplace. The CEME1 plant, located in Antofagasta, is currently the largest project in Chile, which will have nearly 900,000 fixed-structure panels and will provide 480 MW of installed power. In this large-scale scenario, maintaining a high level of safety is crucial. And this is where TCI Gecomp has stood out.

As a contractor on the site, TCI has been at the forefront of safety measures, and its commitment has been widely recognized. Generadora Metropolitana praised the work of TCI Gecomp, highlighting its focus on safety and its commitment to the wellbeing of all workers on the project. The recognition of our company reflects the dedication and hard work of all its employees and underscores the company’s commitment to the safety and health of its workers.


New Recognition for TCI’s Commitment to Safety

This recognition is a testament to TCI Gecomp’s safety culture and its vision to be a leader in the industry. As a company that strives for excellence, TCI Gecomp will continue to focus on safety and innovation in all its projects, large or small. This commitment to safety has not only established TCI Gecomp as a benchmark in the solar energy industry, but has also demonstrated its ability to tackle and manage large-scale projects, ensuring a safe working environment for all involved.

In addition to the recognition for safety, it is important to highlight the crucial role that TCI Gecomp plays in the implementation of the largest energy project in Chile. The presence of nearly 900,000 solar panels and the massive capacity of 480 MW of installed power are indicative of the scale and complexity of the project. In this context, TCI Gecomp has not only demonstrated its ability to handle projects of such magnitude, but has also reaffirmed its commitment to safe and responsible practices.

Finally, events like the one on May 25 reaffirm the importance of teamwork and collaboration between companies. TCI Gecomp is proud to be part of this project and remains steadfast in its commitment to maintain high standards of safety and efficiency. We will continue to strive to maintain a safe work culture, so as to continue building a brighter and more sustainable future