TCI is once again collaborating closely in the virtual event Cavendish Mission 2021, an initiative for the promotion of a green H2 industry.

Under the claim “Let’s move towards carbon neutrality together “, the Innovation Club and H2 Chile inaugurate Cavendish Mission as a training program dedicated to make visible the opportunities of green hydrogen in Chile, and that over the coming months will seek to raise awareness among citizens about their role in carbon neutrality.

The launch of the new Cavendish Mission will consist of 3 webinars that will begin next Tuesday, November 16, along with the launch of the website “Professor Cavendish” from December 2, which will have informative material where students and professionals of all ages, can learn and be certified on the basics of green hydrogen, without the need for prior knowledge on the subject.

President and CEO of TCI Gecomp Mario Gomez will participate as one of the teachers, giving “training capsules” on Hydrogen and Circular Economy.

Registration for the launch event, through the following link.

Those interested can also register free of charge for the 3 webinars at