TCI has participated in the CAMACOES newsletter, the official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile, in order to provide our point of view on Chile’s ability to generate renewable energies such as solar and wind, as well as a reference towards very promising energy futures such as green hydrogen.

Mario Gómez, CEO of TCI and Member of the CAMACOES Energy Committee, states that “According to the National Green Hydrogen Strategy, in just 6 years Chile has quintupled its generation capacity from solar and wind energy, and it is projected that by 2030, up to 70% of its electricity matrix will be renewable”.

In this sense, the TCI GeComp group once again strengthens its commitment to the research and development of Green Hydrogen projects as the fuel of the not so distant future, and as an option with great advantages, as it provides greater autonomy and faster recharging than battery systems, its ability to be produced without the emission of polluting gases or its versatility for use in different energy-consuming sectors.

You can find the full article in the CAMACOES Bulletin nº20 here.